EXO | E Exosome Therapy

EXO | E Exosome Therapy
Time 60 min
Number 1 - 3
Season Whole year
Downtime No
Cost £350-400

EXO | E Exosome Therapy

EXO|E Skin Revitalizing Complex is an innovative skincare line that utilises biomimetic plant stem cell technology to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.

The bio-based patented technology ensures perfect compatibility with the skin, helping to support and supplement its natural signalling mechanism to rebalance.

Suitable for all skin types and conditions, the complete treatment protocol includes D|TOX, EXO|E, and RE|PAIR, which can be used both in-clinic and at home to prepare skin pre-procedure or enhance treatment outcomes. It can also be used on its own to dramatically improve your youthful appearance.

What are PDENs?

PDENs are Plant Derived Extracellular Nanoparticles extracted from Plant Stem Cells are the plant version of Human Exosomes. They are the envelopes that carry messages from cell to cell.

EXO|E has loaded these envelopes with thousands of natural factors such as liposomes, peptides, amino acids, proteins, cytokines, and interleukins specifically directed for anti-inflammation, wound healing, angiogenesis, and the stimulation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production.


  • Wound healing
  • Promote angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation that feeds nutrients into the skin)
  • Collagen production is increased by 165%
  • Elastin production is increased by 891%
  • Hyaluronic Acid is increased by 198%
  • Daily inflammation reduced by 61%

Price List

EXO | E Exosome Therapy
Name and area of treatment Time Price
Exosomes with PRX-T33 and Nano-Needling 60 min£450
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Exosomes with BioRePeel and Nano-Needling60 min£450
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Exosomes with PCA Skin Peels and Nano-Needling 60 min£350
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Exosomes with IMAGE Signature Peel and Nano-Needling 60 min£450
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Exosomes with Dermaplaning and Nano-Needling 60 min£450
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Exosomes with Hydrafacial and Nano-Needling60 min£450
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Exosomes with SkinPen Precision FDA Medical Micro-Needling60 min£550
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